Rockchip Firmware Upgrade Guide for Linux users

Here is Ugoos Rockchip Firmware Guide for Windows Host PC.


Rockchip provides a command line utility named "upgrade_tool" under Linux, which support flashing of both update.img and partition images.


In addition, we have two choices with regard to open source tools:



Both of them only support flashing partition images, not update.img. rkflashtool is a command line tool, and flashkit has a nice and easy to use GUI with command line support lately added.


If you use Upgrade Tool:

There is no need to install device driver. Just connect the device and host PC.

Download Linux_Upgrade_Tool, and install it to host filesystem:

  tar xf Linux_UpgradeTool_v1.2.tar.gz

   cd Linux_UpgradeTool_v1.2

   sudo mv upgrade_tool /usr/local/bin

   sudo chown root:root /usr/local/bin/upgrade_tool


Flash update.img:

   sudo upgrade_tool uf update.img



Flash partition images:

sudo upgrade_tool di -b /path/to/boot.img
   sudo upgrade_tool di -k /path/to/kernel.img
   sudo upgrade_tool di -s /path/to/system.img
   sudo upgrade_tool di -r /path/to/recovery.img
   sudo upgrade_tool di -m /path/to/misc.img
   sudo upgrade_tool di resource /path/to/resource.img
   sudo upgrade_tool di -p paramater   # flash parameter
   sudo upgrade_tool ul bootloader.bin # flash bootloader


If errors occur due to flash problem, you can try to low format, or erase the flash:

  upgrade_tool lf   # low format flash
   upgrade_tool ef   # erase flash


Following instruction is for rkflashkit utility.


sudo apt-get install build-essential fakeroot
   git clone
   cd rkflashkit
   ./waf debian
   sudo apt-get install python-gtk2
   sudo dpkg -i rkflashkit_0.1.2_all.deb



  sudo rkflashkit


Command line:

$ rkflashkit --help
Usage: <cmd> [args] [<cmd> [args]...]

part                              List partition
flash @<PARTITION> <IMAGE FILE>   Flash partition with image file
cmp @<PARTITION> <IMAGE FILE>     Compare partition with image file
backup @<PARTITION> <IMAGE FILE>  Backup partition to image file
erase  @<PARTITION>               Erase partition
reboot                            Reboot device

For example, flash device with boot.img and kernel.img, then reboot:


  sudo rkflashkit flash @boot  boot.img @kernel.img kernel.img reboot


See the example above, which is really handy to flash multiple images then reboot device in one command, especially good for developers who will compile and flash kernel again and again.



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