Firmware Update For Ugoos AM3 V 2.0.5 Android Nougat and V 1.1.6 (UPD) Android Marshmallow

Since we have released Android Nougat for Ugoos AM3, our users split on two teams: somebody still likes Android Marshmallow more, and some of them like brand new firmware running under Nougat 7.1.2.

So, we decided to provide updates and improvements for both versions and release OTA files in order to give ability to change Android version more easily.

Both releases are devoted to improvements and bug fixes. But we have some interesting features you would like to know more details about.

Application for choosing action for RC buttons

We create an ability to add some more functionality while using Remote control. Now you can choose the buttons to open any installed applications. In order to use this function, you need to run “Remote Control Buttons” app in main menu.

Self-adaptation switcher for Media Codec

User experience feedback helps us to find out that sometimes self-adaptation function for video playback works not so correctly so we come to a conclusion to give ability to turn it off if needed. We add switcher in Playback Settings.

Virtual Keyboard Customization

We added ability to choose theme for Virtual Keyboard using RC. If you haven’t change color theme before, you can run: Settings -> Keyboard -> Android Keyboard (AOSP) -> Appearance & Layouts -> Theme

More details about released firmwares here:

Changelog 20.01.2017 V.1.1.6 Android 6.0.1

1. Added LG CEC support

2. Improved Wi-Fi work

3. Fixed bootloop when disable Google search app

4. Improved Media codec playback

5. Fixed double cursor

6. Disabled noise reduction

7. Added application for choosing action on remote control buttons

8. Fixed SuperSU bootloop, "update binaries" function

9. Fixes Kodi 17 passthough

10. Fixes "Adjust display refresh rate" function of Kodi 17

11. Added CIFS support

12. Improved samba server

13. Other changes

Changelog 18.01.2017 V.2.0.5 Android 7.1.2

1. Fixed crash in Launcher3 after change language

2. Fixed focus and scroll bugs in Settings

3. Changed Enter keycode

4. Reversed UP and DOWN events in Recent apps window

5. Fixed Xposed bug after OTA update

6. Improved work of SuperSU

7. Fixed GPU problems

8. Fixed audio volume regulator problem

9. Added ability to change themes with RC for virtual keyboard

10. Fixed analog clock of daydream setting

11. Fixed screen resolution setting crashes

12. Added HDMI self-adaptation switcher for Media Codec (Playback Settings)

13. Fixed a screen resolution bug when closing an application, such as Kodi 17+

14. Local playback improved

15. Security patches

16. Fixed black screen after AFR in MX Player

17. Added application for choosing action on remote control buttons

18. Many other improvements

Since now devices get OTA update according to its’ Android version. If you want to change android version, you need to use Full OTA pack for update.

Download links:

Marshamallow firmware:

V 1.1.6 Image

V 1.1.6 Full OTA pack

Nougat firmware:

V 2.0.5 Image

V 2.0.5 Full OTA pack

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Comment(S) (6)

  • Comment by ugoosut3 user | Saturday, Jan 20 2018, 01:02AM

    android 7 where for ut3?

  • Comment by macki | Sunday, Jan 21 2018, 10:21PM

    Hi! There is one option that i think need some more attention. It is the Wifi connectivity and speed. Im having a pain watching movies over 5ghz wifi. Box says 70mbit linkspeed and 75db but i suffer from allot of buffering on .mkv DD true HD files as an example. I have another box with lower specs(minix u1) that does the same job with no buffering. Please look into the matter

  • Comment by treris | Wednesday, Jan 24 2018, 08:49AM

    I agree with ugoosut3user, where is the update to nougat you teased in may of last year? I think everyone will agree that "soon" is no longer applicable. And please include a working hdmi masking option in the update!

  • Comment by larry wilson | Thursday, Jan 25 2018, 06:13PM

    Greetings friends then test in detail your room with iptv 4k social networks I want to congratulate you for your great work your support and the quality of equipment are worthwhile but there are small details, 1 the subject of the temperature would be important to balance the load of the CPU is usually around the 70 80 degrees, you need to have the latest codex in video to optimize use with bandwidth of 2 to 3 M, in terms of the use of peripherals is frustrating not being able to use twiter with air mouse fails the apk I would like to see androit 8 in its team and work the issue of lowering the temperature and the latest codex for video handling and use iptv the apk prog tv goes great with you and excellent terrarium, I hope another update improving those details

  • Comment by larrywilson | Thursday, Jan 25 2018, 06:16PM

    it is necessary to solve the issue of compatibility with peripherals as the air mouse verify the operation with microsoft cameras to use apk periscope and apk as twiter with air mouse please, go ahead very good work animence to androit 8 would be ring to finger to optimize am3

  • Comment by Adam | Friday, Feb 9 2018, 08:53AM

    Hi Team. Enjoying the marshmallow rom and would like to see continued updates in the near future

Успешно отправленно

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