Firmware update v 3.0.9 for Ugoos models: UT3, UT3s, UM3, UT3+ (updated: v 3.0.10)

Updated: due to updater app error on some old devices, we released minor update (v 3.0.10) with this fix.

If you had already installed v 3.0.9, device will be updated to v 3.0.10 automatically.

Here is what we get for this update:

Apps on SD card

We moved this feature from Rk3368 last release because we’ve got a huge feedback about moving applications on SD card and back. Now all RK 3288 devices with latest firmware are able to move previously installed applications on attached SD card.

Masked HDMI

This feature will be very useful for those customers who prefer to use some streaming services (like Sky Go) and have some problems with detecting HDMI. In order to prevent HDMI detection by particular application you can run: Settings – HDMI – masked HDMI. Masked HDMI force system not to include HDMI in device’s active output.

Ugoos Updater

We fixed several bugs and change update mechanism. And add new “Ugoos style” design for updater page app.

Time correction

Now you will be able to set their own ntp server, if you had problems with current one. Also, system will save power disconnection time and when you will plug in your device again, you will get more closest time until server will update it to a current values. This option first appeared on Ugoos s905 devices and now we add it for s 912 RK3229 and finally for RK3288

Set ntp server: settings – date & time – NTP server

DOWNLOADS: Ugoos UT3/UT3s/UM3/UT3+ RK3288 Firmware v 3.0.9 Android 5.0.1

1. UgoosFileManger replaced by EsExplorer

2. Updated UgoosUpdater. Changed design, fixed some critical bugs.

3. Updated UgoosKodi.

4. Fixed bug wth IR-transmitter

5. Improved playback

6. TvSettings. Fixed bugs with Samba Settings

7. Location detection switched off by default

8. Added exfat support for SD-cards

9. Added ability Mask HDMI in system

10. Added support AndroidTV remote

11. Added action on "back" key into recovery

12. Fixed Netflix issue.

13. Improved logic of work of NTP client. Added ability set custom server address.

14. Added ability move APP to SD-card

15. Added ability to choose action on second daydream timer (sleep/shutdown)

16. For some web camera models processing was improved

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Comment(S) (27)

  • Comment by wesje | Friday, Mar 3 2017, 12:17PM

    @Ava; done, with small bugreport.

  • Comment by admin | Tuesday, Mar 7 2017, 10:58AM

    flash flash flash!!! Within 2 weeks. Android 7 and chrome os will come out for ugoos ut3.

  • Comment by bigugoosfan | Wednesday, Mar 8 2017, 03:49AM

    a few things i learned that arent in the directions for firware update. download the file without the ota in the name. instll the rockchip drivers on your pc. you have to use a usb male to male cable. it came with my box. open the android tool in the download file and find the .img file from the download. Point the android tool to this .img file. THEN take your ugoos box and connect the usb first. HOLD THE RESET/RECOVERY button down and dont release it while you power on your device that is now connected by usb. the android tool will now detect your box and install the firmware. dont leave the firmware update screen until its done, dont look at a webpage, dont shift to a different program. the firware install will fail. thats all i got.

  • Comment by wesje | Thursday, Mar 9 2017, 08:05PM

    V3.0.10 update for update-checker, works fine now.

  • Comment by Robert Jan van Vliet | Friday, Mar 10 2017, 12:19PM

    Great work! Unfortunately, the masked HDMI does not work for the ziggo app in the Netherlands. With this app you can watch tv and used by milions of people in the Netherlands. Regards, Robert Jan

  • Comment by Marcel | Friday, Mar 10 2017, 12:37PM

    Great job guys! i have been waited so long for a update on the UT3 that i kinda gave up on it, but now that has changed :) glad its not being left out regards from your biggest Ugoos fan! Marcel

  • Comment by Bob | Saturday, Mar 11 2017, 12:56PM

    When version 3.0.10 will be online for download (not OTA)?

  • Comment by ben | Saturday, Mar 11 2017, 07:06PM

    Could you upload screenshot from DRM Info when HDMI Mask option enabled, please? Did it bypass the HDCP check? thanks

  • Comment by Jan van Vliet | Sunday, Mar 12 2017, 02:01AM

    Hello, Can you sent me some info how do i see if it pass the hdcp check, how in show drm info and where i sent the screenshots? Regards, Robert Jan

  • Comment by Scooter2014 | Monday, Mar 27 2017, 06:47PM

    Any beta of the android 7 firmware yet?

  • Comment by scooter2014 | Wednesday, Apr 5 2017, 09:24PM

    Ok Ugoos ya tease US about android 7---- Its been more then a few weeks lets get the beat testing started ;) Hmmm Crome to come to think of it.... I think everyone checking web site daily now unless i am the only one.-

  • Comment by cjeman | Thursday, Apr 6 2017, 12:01AM

    OTA 3.0.10 applied without issue. Removed Ugooos Kodi and installed Kodi 17.1. No audio sync issues. DTS, DD5.1, TrueHD DTS MA all work well. HDMI Masking is a nice touch. Works well with Spectrum App. However, it sees screen capture utility and will not continue. I see no way of stopping the utility.

  • Comment by Hipok | Tuesday, Apr 18 2017, 05:36PM

    Guys, when will HDMI CEC work?

  • Comment by admin | Friday, Apr 21 2017, 04:25PM

    we are waiting official SDK for android 6 and 7 from Rockchip. Don't want to release not stable versions with bugs

  • Comment by lonely2k5 | Monday, Apr 24 2017, 04:35PM

    release ALPHA version then. we know it will be buggy but something to play with....

  • Comment by scooter2014 | Monday, May 8 2017, 07:15PM

    Any update on Chrome os or 7 android so we can start helping and test and resolve issues.... we understand you want as perfect as possible. Let Developers at Freaktab help you get there :)

  • Comment by Ava | Thursday, May 11 2017, 04:01PM

    scooter2014, on current moment we not working and not planning to work on Chrome OS firmware. About Android 7, need wait little bit more ;)

  • Comment by Jeanmary | Sunday, May 14 2017, 11:26PM

    On Linux I have 2.5 and 5ghz wifi. On Android I have only 2.5 ghz. No option for activate the 5ghz

  • Comment by Jackal | Monday, May 22 2017, 01:37PM

    HDMI masking does not work with app HBO GO Czech, please fix it. Thank you

  • Comment by Treris | Saturday, Jul 1 2017, 04:04PM

    HDMI masking does not work with Ziggo Go app in the Netherlands, is some configuration needed after enabling HDMI masking? If so, what and where?

  • Comment by e | 15.03.2020


  • Comment by hawken | Tuesday, Feb 28 2017, 08:31PM

    where android 7 for ut3, thx....

  • Comment by lonely2k5 | Wednesday, Mar 1 2017, 05:30PM

    android 6 would be nice if not 7. unofficial versions are much faster than adnroid 5...

  • Comment by Archie | Wednesday, Mar 1 2017, 07:02PM

    Update feature keeps crashing on the new software version 3.0.9 for thw ut3s.

  • Comment by Wesje | Wednesday, Mar 1 2017, 11:14PM

    Yep, update is crashing. Netflix seems to be ok now, sound in sync.

  • Comment by Wesje | Wednesday, Mar 1 2017, 11:22PM

    Sorry, update to V309 is fine, but new update-feature after install is crashing. So, what Archie says.

  • Comment by Ava | Thursday, Mar 2 2017, 05:59AM

    Wesje, can you please write more detail information about crashing on

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