Anysign Digital Signage

Anysign Digital Signage

Anysign Digital Signage

Cloud-based Digital Signage Solution for Advertisement Campaign


What is Anysign?

Anysign is a cloud-based Digital Signage Solution for any sort of centralized advertisement campaign.

Control advertising units and other digital content management have never been so simple and effective. Our solutions are able to help you and your business:

• Set Commercials in the script with definite sequence and timing;

• Show related information to customers for their retention and / or forwarding, dynamic navigation;

• Place the internal information for employees;

• Display ambient and interior design elements using digital screens

Anysign gives you the tools to:

• Manage your digital content; obtain strict control for displayed information on selected groups of screens

• Intuitive control tools to manage hundreds and even thousands of screens from any location using a personal account on your PC.

• Additional information displaying (weather, news tickers, social networks) using a plugin, or the ability to create stand-alone applications with HTML 5 support

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