RC Firmware Update v0.3.7 for Ugoos AM6 & Cube X2/X3 models

0.3.7  firmware is an RC version for Ugoos Brand devices and will be available via OTA later

Changelog 7.08.2020

1. Added setting to enable pass-through sound for hardware audio decoder
2. Added new keycode AFR_CALC for manual using of automatic frame rate function (for Media Codec only)
3. Added setting of choice applications for which automatic frame rate function will work
4.  Added the ability to use the Gallery app as a video player for all video formats
5. Added ability to ignore video for idle timer
6. Added indication of work for idle timer
7. Added Vulkan support
8. Changed color of signal icons on QS panel
9. Fixed notification icons color
10. Changed theme of settings search window
11. Changed background for last power menu item
12. Added dark icons of Hardware monitor for light applications
13. Fixed screen rotation by 180 degrees when using "middle portrait" mode


Firmware and Full OTA Pack for Ugoos AM6/AM6 Pro/AM6 Plus v 0.3.7

Firmware and Full OTA Pack for Cube X2 Family v 0.3.7

Firmware and Full OTA Pack for Cube X3 Family v 0.3.7

Comment(S) (21)

  • Comment by Cheb | 18.08.2020

    The Fake Wifi function is buggy, i have noticed apps freeze up with no video loading for example Youtube mobile app, many times the video will not start only loading if u click different video it loads instant seems to happen random, its youtube vanced btw.

  • Comment by Causar | 23.08.2020

    How to cut copy or delete, the right click only goes to previous

  • Comment by Causar | 23.08.2020

    How to cut copy or delete, the right click only goes to previous

  • Comment by Causar | 23.08.2020

    How to cut copy or delete, the right click only goes to previous

  • Comment by Twixix | 24.08.2020

    Hdmi CEC not working properly. I am able to turn on/off tv with tv box remote. When I turn off tv box via tv remote - I am able to turn tv on via tv box but I am not able turn off tv via tv box. Not working properly in 0.3.7 and 0.3.6. But it's ok in 0.3.3.

  • Comment by Tuấn Hưng | 25.08.2020

    Có Thêm những bản rom atv cho các thiết bị am6 thì thật tuyệt vời

  • Comment by ramon | 05.09.2020

    Ugoos am6 plus Still no dts-hd master and Dolby True HD Atmos.passtrough audio. Who's the guilty????? Amlogic or Ugoos? Or both? This device will never be really popular if this problem is not sorted out.

  • Comment by Slavik | 24.09.2020

    pristavka Ugoos Am6 Plus zavisayet postoyanno

  • Comment by Bader | 02.10.2020

    many issues with am6 plus 1 bluetooth not pairing just searching with ps4 controller 2 issues with MX player fast speech fast videos freezes 3 copy and paste in browser and many apps not work 4 when use air mouse or mouse If you want to choose, it is blind sometimes. It is not accurate. I have to click in the corner of the message as an example to reject or agree I used last firmware 0.3.7 also i try reset devices but not fixed I hope ugoos teams updated soon too fixed

  • Comment by Michael | 15.10.2020

    I have AM6 plus box. Purchased couple of months ago. YouTube and Netflix are freezing now and then. it shows circles as if its buffering but nothing happens unless until you restart the box. This is happening since the update (0.3.7). I have reset the box but no change. Can anyone tell me how to fix this please? Thanks

  • Comment by Luís | 16.10.2020

    Hi. I have a box ugoos am6, firmware version 0.3.7. After updating Google Chrome to version 86 it does not play video (streaming) from online sites. "loading streaming Infinity"... Works well with the latest version 85 of Chrome. After the version 85 does not work. What's up?

  • Comment by Kevin | 18.10.2020

    Found an issue on Ugoos AM6 Plus with latest firmware. When setting "Dolby Vision ON" (even if checked/unchecked "always on") some YouTube HD videos play buggy with very poor framerate. There is no difference with setting AFR, or detect and change resolution and framerate, or setting 25-50 30-60hz... It's just a Dolby Vision on/off issue. You can check it with this video, for example: https://youtu.be/aS1no1myeTM Thanks.

  • Comment by Han | 24.10.2020

    Random restart every few minutes/hours. Log: *** FATAL EXEPTION IN SYSTEM PROCESS: NetworkStats. This occurs via cable and wifi, even when i'm not streaming.

  • Comment by Han | 24.10.2020

    Sorry. I have a X3Plus. Already on 0.3.7 for weeks. Problem occured 23/10.

  • Comment by Han | 27.10.2020

    Regarding the reboots because of a fatal exception in NetworkStats; I deleted all files in data/system/netstats (rooted). No reboots yet.

  • Comment by Sergey | 08.02.2021

    Cannot pair ps4 controller. Stuck at "Pairing..." forever.

  • Comment by Junoxe | 10.08.2020

    CEC still not working at all.

  • Comment by Ragico | 10.08.2020

    In Android, Kodi 18.8 Leia set audio passtrough including Dolby True HD. But no sound comes out when selecting Dolby True HD Atmos audio track. Dead silence. I was hoping this firmware had sorted this problem out, unfortunately still not,

  • Comment by Syam | 15.08.2020

    please..one annoying problem..mouse scroling only works on chrome come with this box..not working with another browser or web based applications..please fix it ugoos..thanks..

  • Comment by Dennis | 17.08.2020

    Now it is possible to make mkv with Dolby Vision, it works right now only on a shield tv 2019, it would be nice if the am6 plus would support this too https://www.makemkv.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=21937&start=1080

  • Comment by Dennis | 17.08.2020

    here are some mkv test files http://www.makemkv.com/download/dvtest/ It would be really nice if the am6 plus can play them in the future with dolby vision Here is the link to the forum thread https://www.makemkv.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=21937&start=1080

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