Ugoos firmware v.3.0.6 for UM3, UT3S based on Android 5.1.1

Today Ugoos brand devices based on Rockchip 3288 SoC (UM3, UT3s) are able to get 3.0.6 update.

If your device runs v 3.0.4 based on Android 5.1.1 you will get Update via OTA, for other users who decided to update system from 4.4 Android here is the link for full Image (UT3s UM3) and Reflashing Guide

We already announce some details about the most important improvements and changes,

  • Gamepad settings – let you customize your gamepad control settings
  • Ugoos File Manager – our new step for making Ugoos TV Boxes more convenient for remote controllers.
  • TV Settings - application developed by Google special for Android TV

However, this is not all the news:

Daydream and Sleep Logic

Now we separate setting timer for screensaver and for sleep features. You can set only daydream or sleep or both and set appropriate time. Also you can start it from menu via choosing special menu item. Run Daydream: Settings – Display - Daydream

TV Settings

We created new icons for TV settings menu in order to reach all Ugoos settings quicker. For most frequent-using Ugoos settings, we redraw pages according to TV settings menu style.

Exfat support

Many users asked about this feature for android 5.1, because it was very useful in 4.4-based firmwares. Now you can use attached hard drives and usb flash drives in exfat file system, share files using built-in Ugoos File server and perform other related tasks.

Screen rotation

Screen rotation feature let use TV Box for a wider amount of non-casual tasks. It becomes more convenient for displaying different types of information. New function let you choose screen positions with five different settings. Forced orientation for all applications added for both vertical (portrait) and horizontal types. Run screen rotation: Settings – Display – Screen rotation

Gamepad settings

We already share details about this new Ugoos feature. In addition, we add one more setting little bit later and didn’t announce about it before. Now you get an ability to simulate axes moves using keyboard. Now you can choose a keyboard in device profile and appoint moves on the buttons you used to for particular gaming experience. Run Gamepad settings: Settings – Ugoos settings – System – Gamepad Settings.

Hardware Monitor

We added new icons with activity visualization, so now you can choose if you want to display only icons or icons and text values also. Added network activity and CPU load activity.

Run Hardware Monitor: Settings – Ugoos Settings - System – HW Monitor

Change Log 3.0.6  (24/05/2016)

Main changes from previous version:

1. Fixed bugs with usb-card mount/unmount.

2. Added exfat support

3. Added Gamepad settings and axes simulation

4. Added TvSettings

5. Replaced Rockchip Filemanager, added Ugoos Filemanager

6. Changed processing logic of Daydream (Screensaver) and Sleep timers.

7. Fixed bug with wakeup after sleep. Now device is not going to the suspend mode

8. Improved Hardware monitor:

- Added icons

- added Network activity

- added CPU load activity

9. Added screen rotation support

10. Fixed time zone for multi-window mode

11. Updated Ugoos Launcher


If you had problems with internet connection or another reason due to those you can't update you device via OTA, you can DOWNLOAD increment update for your device.

Link UT3, UM3, UT3s increment update file

How to install increment update guide


RockChip Ugoos UT3s v3.0.6

RockChip Ugoos UM3  v3.0.6

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Comment(S) (14)

  • Comment by Lovator | Tuesday, May 24 2016, 01:14PM

    problem interlaced!!! deinterlacing does not work when you view iptv (russia, ukraine) in version 2.2.0 (android 4.4) deinterlacing is works

  • Comment by R.D. | Tuesday, May 24 2016, 10:25PM

    Hello Ugoos, Does this update also apply to the UT3? Thank you.

  • Comment by Maurice | Tuesday, May 24 2016, 11:18PM

    It isn't auto updating. I can see there is an update but when clicking on update it doenst download the update. Bug or server problem? (um3)

  • Comment by Ava | Wednesday, May 25 2016, 07:46AM

    Maurice, Sometimes we have problems with our servers. Please try again later.

  • Comment by Hipok | Wednesday, May 25 2016, 12:24PM

    Crashes when you OTA-update

  • Comment by Ava | Wednesday, May 25 2016, 12:36PM

    Hipok, you can install updates manually. Download increment package you can from here :!ZI430C4Y!hJaaaBVW4ZOXH2bLvS2Ajw

  • Comment by Lovator | Wednesday, May 25 2016, 04:01PM

    Deinterlacing is not working when the hardware video encoding is not very convenient to watch iptv. you can fix this problem ?

  • Comment by sand.worm | Thursday, May 26 2016, 10:00AM

    Update failed AQdnnjug6

  • Comment by sand.worm | Thursday, May 26 2016, 10:05AM

    Space in url shoild ve removed :) "/system/bin/app_process32" has unexpexted contends

  • Comment by Hipok | Thursday, May 26 2016, 11:09AM

    Everything is working. You have the best support among Android TV set-top boxes. Thanks guys, pleased!

  • Comment by AnupP | Thursday, May 26 2016, 09:02PM

    Updated successfully over the air from 3.04 to this 3.06 firmware on UM3. However, it kept all App version to whatever was installed before (e.g. Kodi to its pre-installed version). Question is, if I flash UM3 with 3.06, does it include Kodi? If so, which version?

  • Comment by Ava | Thursday, May 26 2016, 09:05PM

    AnupP, in 3.0.6 we doesnt changed KODI version. Now it is 15.2 optimised for work with rk3288 SOC. Maybe in the next version we update KODI.

  • Comment by Luca | Thursday, Jun 2 2016, 07:32PM

    I've an UT3S tvbox with the last firmware, everything works except the wifi. I'm forced to use LAN connection. Wifi is always off and no way to turn it on. Someone can help me?

  • Comment by sand.worm | Sunday, Jun 5 2016, 06:37PM

    Displeased by 3.0.6 on UM3: 1. Much slower than 3.0.4. Music and video playback is impossible with stutter, as on oldest kitkat fw. 2. Apps in windowed phone mode use tablet layout and looks ugly. 3. Ugoos apps does not work in windowed mode. No resize, no minimize, crash on mode switch. 4. No default lollipop settings. So are where the OTA 3.0.4 to revert without full reflash?

Успешно отправленно

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