Ugoos UT3/UT3S/UM3 new 2.0.8 Android 4.4 firmware ready!

Good day! We are ready to show you new 2.0.8 firmware for our RK3288 brand line. We always trying to fix current bugs and listen with attention your feedbacks and suggestions. So, let we announce details about  our new ROMs:

Change log (version 2.0.8) –  13 June 2015:


  • Android: add network monitor - Settings -> Ugoos Settings -> Show network activity
  • Android: add Ethernet switcher (eth0, eth1 ...etc) for USB adapters - Settings -> Ethernet -> Interface
  • Settings: add Save button in static ip settings
  • Ugoos Settings: add checkbox for bluetooth prefix "FireFly-" for FireEasy control. Without it bluetooth connection will not work


  • Sound: XBMC noise problem fixed
  • Settings: fix Ethernet on/off switch logic
  • Kernel:add ip multicast for Fireasy
  • Audio: Bitstream: fix some receiver's hbr no sound issue
  • Hdmi: fix edid list bug
  • Audio: Bitstream: fix nlpcm/hbr audio compatiable problem

New 2.0.8 firmwares folder link (use AndroidTool for reflash, tool and instruction inside):

Please use Google Chrome browser for work with "" file hosting


  • Choose needed OTA update from firmwares folder and download it
  • For incremental updates you should be sure in your current firmware version number
  • Rename archieve to ""
  • Copy OTA firmware archieve to root of USB flash or SD card
  • Insert your USB/SD in device
  • Device should automatically recognize archieve and offer you to update
  • Enjoy


  • By default data partition is 4gb. If you need choose another parameter file (second field in AndroidTool) from root folder
  • If you need update your device without full reflash, uncheck "parameter" and "misc". Partitions size will not de updated
  • Feature "Preffered install location" in ugoos settings by default in "Let system decide" and system installing some apps on SDcard
  • Fan: if your UT3 have internal fan it will be controlled automatically by temperature: now set 70C to fan on, 65 to fan off. In ugoos settings you may change fan mode
  • Root: by default Android not rooted. If you need it, install Root in ugoos settings: just su binary or binary with SuperSU app

We really appreciate your help with suggestions and feeback guys! Please feel free write it to us. Together we can make best firmwares and support in our market!

Find us:




Comment(S) (9)

  • Comment by jorge | Tuesday, Jun 16 2015, 12:49AM

    very good job tanks for new firmware very good company

  • Comment by Mario van m | Tuesday, Jun 16 2015, 08:26PM

    I used few Android boxes over the last years.and always a lot of bugs and the feeling it wasnt stable. But i have the ut3s 32/4 now for a month Fast stable no need to search for other ROM eazy ota update .thanks keep up the voor work in the future

  • Comment by vampire666 | Wednesday, Jun 17 2015, 11:54PM

    Ugoos UT3 2.8 firmware 5.1 sound not work in HDMI only 2.0 sound

  • Comment by Marco | Thursday, Jun 18 2015, 09:41AM

    After firmware update, 5.1 sound in Kodi beta 2 repeatedly breaks up after 5 seconds. But....keep up the good work!1 :-)

  • Comment by Gioele | Friday, Jun 19 2015, 03:53PM

    I confirm that after firmware update, kodi beta 2 repeatedly breaks up after 5 seconds. But this seems fixed in the latest nightly build of kodi. Doesn't seem to be a problem with ugoos firmware. Keep up the good work, can wait for lollipop support!

  • Comment by Neil | Wednesday, Jul 15 2015, 01:00AM

    Mine is on its way !!! Can't wait. 4gig 32rom..

  • Comment by Matan | Thursday, Jul 16 2015, 01:34PM

    Hi! I own the ut3s (32ROM/4RAM) and it's amazing! I'm using the latest firmware and there is only one major bug - when i change the system interface language to hebrew - after rebooting the device android systemui constantly crashes (FC), so basically i have to use english interface. Could you fix that on the next OTA?

  • Comment by caio | Wednesday, Sep 2 2015, 03:30PM

    I'm can't update me UM3! The BatchTool V1.7 don't accept the file!

  • Comment by Marcel | Tuesday, Sep 8 2015, 04:52PM

    Dear Fellow ugoos owners! are you stuck with something, or do you find it hard to setup your android box to your needs? then let me help you! i own a ugoos ut3 4gb/32gb from the start and trying all the software made possible! from installing software,adding controllers or xbmc/kodi just name it and i know it :) i want people to use the ugoos box talents. if i can help you out i will just contact me on skype hostmarcel or mail me regards Marcel

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