Ugoos UT2,UM2,UT1 new firmware released! Now with OTA support!

We are pleased to announce the release of the new firmware based on Android 4.4.2 for our devices . For a long time we have not released new firmware versions for these devices. Starting with this firmware we will periodically release new versions contain bug fixes and adds useful new functionality. This release is based on the new version of the SDK so you might encounter errors. We would be grateful for help in finding flaws and ideas to improve the firmware.

Preinstall apps:

Kodi v.14.1 – helix
Wifi Analyzer
ES File Explorer

Since the current firmware version (1.1.0) for users will be available OTA update that will upgrade the firmware without having to connect to PC and without data loss.


version 1.1.0 - 15/04/2015

 Change FFMPEG lib. fix audio problem with ac3
 Update GAPPS
 update rkffplayer version : 12-29
 nuplayer: optimize for the WFD streaming.
 recovery:show recovery ui
 bt: add function of bluetooth network share.

 - decrease pcm buffer size.
 - simple sound setting
 - audio bitstream framework.
 - fix some bugs.
 - fix 3188-T audio playback abnormality.
 1.fix the bug of no upstream for hotspot when pppoe is connected.
 2.stop pppoe as soon as ppp0 down cased by pppoe server crashed or stopped.

 rk30/rk31 suspend: Unable to enter the deep sleep

 wifi display:
 enable HDCP2.x authentication only if the key is available.

 1.Can't Focus On All App, After Install and Uninstall app.
 2.launcher-app-laucher-app...with mouse, maybe entering widget selector.

 wifi: Solution part of the AP,probabilistic link is not successful.

 hdmi:rk30: fixed suspend to resume,hdmi no output

 HDCP2.X:update HDCP2.X process for the WFD.

 ethernet: fix the bug that receiving terminated because of irq lost
 pppoe: add net_mask && use pppd instead of pppd_pppoe
 remove mid pppoe
 ethernet: modify for using external clock
 ethernet: modify for reading MAC from IDB
 wifi & bt: and mid group synchronization code.
 fix language&input focus errors.

 update hdmi driver:
 1. rk30 hdmi ddc rate set to 50KHz.
 2. flush work quene when hdmi suspend.
 3. add irq enable flag to rk30 hdmi.

 catch exception throw by NetworkManagementService to
 avoid ConnectService crash.

 1.fix next button not work in repeat current. media sort browser.
 3.fix preferred activity error.

 - add jb4.4 box cts patchs and docs.
 - fix audio cts fail.
 - fix cts verifier features fail.
 - fix cts verifier usb accessory fail.
 - add Developer options->Screen Auto Rotation for debug only.

 - support Widevine Drm Level 3.
 - any details please refer to RKDocs/common/drm

 fixed display scale setting cann't be saved
 Important update:solve system crash problem of probability caused by DDR frequency.
 VOLD:some patch for vold to solve emmc mutil disk

How to flash packed firmware:

1. Download firmware and unzip it use 7z, winrar, winzip. Inside: BatchTool - tool for reflashing, DriverAssitant - tool to install drivers and firmware image file.
2. If it first time, you need to install drivers use DriverAssitant or manual when connectiong device
3. Run BatchTool and open firmware image from folder
4. Find recovery button on device, press and hold it.
5. Connect device to PC via USB OTG port and power on device.
6. PC will found new device and install drivers (or you need install it manually), then you may release recovery button.
7. Press Restore button in BatchTool and wait end of process.

In archive with firmware you can find full guide with images.

Device Link

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Comment(S) (7)

  • Comment by Paulo Vasconcelos | Wednesday, Apr 22 2015, 06:55PM

    I have some restart issues when I launch several apps..

  • Comment by admin | Friday, Apr 24 2015, 04:53AM

    Hello Paulo , please contact with our support in skype: "" and provide more detailed information about your device.

  • Comment by Vladimir | Monday, May 4 2015, 10:29AM

    Hi guys, I have the Ugoos UT1. I installed new 1.1.0 firmware. This firmware does not support 1080p (max 720p - setup screen on 1080p). When will be available the 1080p version for UT1?

  • Comment by faNtoMaSS | Thursday, Jul 9 2015, 06:55PM

    The file you are trying to download is no longer available. This could be due to the following reasons:The file has been removed because of a ToS/AUP violation. Invalid URL - the link you are trying to access does not existThe file has been deleted by the user.

  • Comment by Betelgeus | Monday, Jul 11 2016, 12:38PM

    This firmware for UM2 will work on UG-MK809IV?

  • Comment by mohsin | Thursday, Jul 16 2015, 05:28AM

    generally rom is good but two serious issues. since this update my ut1 is showing rk3188 max as 816Mhz.....pls update kernel ASAP. secondly, audio profile in sound device seting gets reset after restart of device. plz reply admin when could we get update for theses issues

  • Comment by Beppe76tv | Thursday, Jul 16 2015, 11:55AM

    I confirm the problems described by the user before the device works well even if the management of type microphone input sound is not managed by the system. I confirm that the audio settings are reset when you restart the device pleas fix it.

Успешно отправленно

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