Ugoos UT3/UT3S/UM3 firmware v 0.3.1 with Linux released!

Hello. We are pleased to announce the release of the new version firmware with Linux. In this version firmware based on Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet. Firmware  is available for owners Ugoos  UT3, UT3S and UM3 devices.

Change log (version 0.3.1) –  31 July 2015:


  1. Firmware is based on Ubuntu 15.04 and official Ugoos android firmware v2.2.0
  2. The next packages was modified for working with systemd:
    • uscaler
    • uhdmiin
    • usettings
  3. For mechanisms of  initialization wifi and bluetooth  was created special packages (wifi-ugoos and bluetooth-ugoos). In future it  allow updating  logic  work  of mechanisms without reflashing devices. 
  4. Added support 802.1Q in kernel.
  5. Changed logic of work getting mac address for wifi. Now used unique mac address from module. 
  6. Installed additional packages :
  • Ubuntu Software Center
  • Language Support

login and password for Ubuntu : ugoos

Important! By default Android tool configured to flashing "clear" android on your device. If you want install 

Dualboot” or “Clear linux” click right mouse button by program window, and then select 
Load config”.  

Then choose one of configurations files:
   - config.cfg - if want flash only Android
   - config_dualboot.cfg - if want flash dualboot
   - config_linux.cfg - if want flash only linux 

Full firmware updating guide for you device you can find in archive.


Firmware for UT3S - download

Firmware for UT3   - download

Firmware for UM3  - download


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Comment(S) (5)

  • Comment by deep | Sunday, Aug 2 2015, 02:34PM

    Good news, but as always the package has mismatch on changelog. Not provided information about custom parameter file config. I personally post on FireFly forums due to lack support here, which is terrible. On FireFly forums has an application for tuning the parameter file for custom user needs as Android 8GB partition and custom sized Linux OS partition. I will be very happy if UGOOS provide a pure Debian 8 (Jessie) Linux package which is more Pro oriented and more advanced users can use ready to use RK3288 Debian package! Thank you for your good work, but a little bit more efforts in customers will be a big step to make this afordable multiusing device.

  • Comment by deep | Sunday, Aug 2 2015, 02:57PM

    My personal case was described here: This is the reason to ask for Debian 8 (Jessie) image for UGOOS UT3/UT3S [RK3288] devices. Parameter File Generator which I personally doesn't use: Make Android and Linux both using XBMC Kodi 14.2 Helix which is more stable and proof to work in my personal opinion or make Kodi 15.0 Isengard release both working on UGOOS devices (RK3288) as default media centers. They are better and free than SBMC provided by UGOOS! My personal project that I want to realize under UGOOS UT3/UT3S platform can be found here: The part with frontend and PHP classes are ready and I can provide the source which manage RTMP streams via nginx and can record the incoming RTMP stream at the same time watching it!

  • Comment by Peter Bauer | Monday, Aug 10 2015, 10:48PM

    Please check UT3S USB keyboard driver in kernel 3.10. My logitech wireless US style K270 starts repeating keys about 5 times a day.

  • Comment by Marcel | Saturday, Nov 21 2015, 01:35PM

    installing this duelboot is cool. but i have a problem, after installation it says there is a linux update. after installing this update the device wont boot up. any help on this please? ( or skype HostMarcel

  • Comment by Mark | Saturday, Nov 21 2015, 05:38PM

    I'm trying to flash the firmware to the device, but in the guide it sats I should "specify the path to the firmware file, but the unpacked .rar file I downloaded contains several image files (boot.img, kernel.img, misc.img, etc.), I don't know how to proceed.

Успешно отправленно

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