Want Ugoos UT4 for free?

Ugoos Team in common with Cnx-software perform Ugoos UT4 Giveaway. Until this Sunday you can try your chances to win UT4 device. We ship UT4 worldwide so everybody can take part in this Giveaway.

Run Cnx-software and fulfil all the conditions use Rafflecopter application


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  • Comment by Marcel | Saturday, Feb 13 2016, 02:15PM

    Love it! i got the older version UT3 i would love the UT4

  • Comment by Dave | Sunday, Feb 14 2016, 12:23PM

    Yeah please! In impressed by the specs, give me the chance to judge if it can live up to the expectations!

  • Comment by Walker | Tuesday, Feb 16 2016, 02:12AM

    I'm new to the TV box idea. Have not bought one yet, but the Ugoos devices are at the top of my list. Love the idea and support from Ugoos. The new UT4 is nice. I also like the UT3S.

  • Comment by lawlessppc | Tuesday, Feb 23 2016, 01:06PM

    I've been developing on android devices since their introduction. I've been a beta tester for many manufacturers and can be found on XDA and feaktab. Your probably the only manufacturer I haven't tried. I would love a new company to work with to help produce a product that delivers all its hardware is actually capable of. I can test every aspect from surround modes (bitstream, spdif etc). I can assistant in hardware finalisation (some manufacturers have spoilt perfectly good products by choosing other components that have crippled them). If you need any more info please don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks LawlessPPC

  • Comment by Alba | Thursday, Feb 25 2016, 10:43AM

    I got a ut3s i would love ut4 on my other bedroom but i just can't effort it that would be great if i can have one thanks

  • Comment by Avedis | Sunday, Mar 6 2016, 03:11PM

    I have the AM1 and it is really troublesome, i am very disappointed with it, so would really love to try this newer device

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